Malaysian navy ship thwarts attack on oil tanker

PETALING JAYA - The Royal Malaysian Navy helped fend off pirates who attacked an oil tanker carrying marine gas oil on the east coast of Johor.

The MT Oriental Glory, which was carrying around 2,500 tonnes of marine gas oil, was attacked by pirates on Tuesday night at 11.45pm.

The pirates stole the fuel and damaged the ship's navigation equipment before fleeing.

The RMN corvette KD Terengganu, which was patrolling Batu Tengah waters, immediately made its way towards the ship after receiving information at 10.30am yesterday.

KD Terengganu reached the location two hours later and contacted Oriental Glory via radio.

"Further investigations are being conducted by the KD Terengganu team to get a clearer picture," RMN said in a statement yesterday.

The investigation team was told that the Oriental Glory could not be anchored due to a damaged windlass.

"KD Terengganu is in the process of moving the ship to the coastline due to the damage incurred during the incident," the statement added.