Malaysian parliament passes $106 billion Budget 2015

KUALA LUMPUR - The Dewan Rakyat has passed the 2015 Budget with an allocation of RM273.9billion (S$106 billion) at 11.45pm Tuesday after a lengthy debate.

The budget was passed before Deputy Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee after it received a majority vote from lawmakers.

Of the amount, RM223.4bil is for operating expenditure and another RM50.5bil for development expenditure.

The operating expenditure comprises RM65.6bil is for emoluments and RM38.1bil for supplies and services.

The largest share of RM116.4bil is for fixed charges and grants, RM1.5billion is for purchase of assets and the remaining RM1.8bil for other expenditure.

Under the development expenditure, the economic sector will receive the highest share at RM29.3bil, followed by the social sector with RM12.6bil for education and training, health, housing and the well-being of society.

In addition, RM4.9bil is allocated to the security sector. The balance of RM1.7bil is for general administration and RM2bil for contingencies.