Malaysian police detain 2 men over Sabah shooting

KOTA KINABALU - Malaysian police have detained two men believed to have vital information on the shooting of a businessman in Sabah last week.

The men, both in their 30s, were picked up on Wednesday in connection with the August 3 shooting of Mr Teong Choon Kwong, a former restricted residence detainee.

The men will be investigated under Section 117 of Malaysia's Criminal Procedure Code which allows the detention of a suspect for more than 24 hours to enable the police to complete their investigation.

One man is from Sabah, while the other is from Sarawak.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said the men will be detained for a week to facilitate police probes into the shooting which occurred outside a coffee shop in Beverly Hills near here at about 10.30pm on August 3.

"We have reason to believe that they can help us in this investigation," he said during a Hari Raya Open House organised by the Sabah Traffic and Public Order Chief Ismadi Borhan on Friday.

He did not disclose the motives of the shooting which is believed to be business rivalry.

Mr Teong, 44, was involved in developing resort properties. He was shot at close range by suspected hired gunmen while he was speaking on the phone at a car park area outside a coffee shop.

Eyewitnesses had said they saw at least three men in a vehicle, either a Perodua Kancil or Viva, from which the shots are believed to have come from.