Malaysian police to investigate case of fallen girl for possibility of negligence

KUALA LUMPUR - Police are investigating the case of a girl who fell through a gap of an escalator at a shopping mall in Pudu for the posibility of negligence.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm Zainuddin Ahmad said on Saturday that police are investigating the incident for all aspects of negligence, including the possibility of negligence on the part of the mother.

"We are investigating the case from all angles, including negligence by all parties.

"We hope the public can refrain from speculating on the matter," he said when contacted on Saturday.

A source close to the investigation said police have already questioned the victim's parents.

This following a video that has went viral, depicting the mother fiddling with her phone shortly before the girl fell.

"We will wait for further instructions from the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) before deciding on whether to investigate Nurhayada's mother under the Child Act 2001," the source said.

The source added that police are submitting the investigation papers to the DPP before deciding on the next course of action.

According to the source, a remark will be included in the investigation papers to note that the incident may have been caused by parental negligence.

Police may reclassify the case under the Child Act 2001 should they receive directives from the DPP's office to do just that, said the source.

A minute long CCTV footage of a little girl who fell through a gap while trying to climb over an escalator at a shopping mall in Pudu here had gone viral, sparking outrage among netizens.

The girl, identified as Nurhayada Sofia Musa, 6, died from severe head injuries after plunging to the basement from the second floor of Kenanga Wholesale City Mall.

In the video, Nurhayada was playing near the escalator with her sister and her mother standing next to her.

Her mother was seen running down the escalator with her other child after Nurhayada fell through the gap.

The incident happened at around 3pm Friday.

The video has been shared numerously since it was first uploaded on Siakap Keli's Facebook page on 10.56pm the same day.