Malaysian police probe 19 Macau scam cases

KLANG - Police are investigating 19 "Macau scam" cases involving more than RM680,000 (S$270,000) in the past six months.

South Klang OCPD Asst Comm Kamarul Zaman Mamat said of the 154 reports lodged, 135 cases were not probed as they lacked information.

"Some cases were also not looked into because the victims did not suffer any losses," he said.

On the modus operandi of the syndicate, ACP Kamarul said the culprits would call up the victims, pretenĀ­ding to be officials from a bank or Bank Negara.

"He would inform the person that someone had used his or her personal information to apply for a credit card and that the card had been used."

"The victim is asked to contact a number and speak to another culprit who pretends to be an officer from Bank Negara," ACP Kamarul said.

He said the victim would then be directed to reveal all personal banking information and change his or her ATM card pin number.

"Once this is done, the victim is informed that his or her account has been frozen.

"The victim is also cautioned against speaking to the bank as the entire incident could be an 'inside job'," he said, adding that victims only knew it was a scam after their account was emptied.

ACP Kamarul advised the public to lodge police reports should they receive calls asking them to reveal their banking information.

The term "Macau scam" was coined because it originated from Macau.

According to ACP Kamarul, the suspects were mainland Chinese residing locally and in China and Taiwan.