Malaysian poll reveals that the higher your salary, the more you will date

KUALA LUMPUR- The more you date, the higher your monthly salary?

Matchmaking app JustDating has just released the latest results of a survey taken among Malaysian men and women about their dating experiences.

According to the survey, which includes a cross-comparison of the number of dates per week and monthly salaries, over 50 per cent of the respondents who say they go on more than 5 dates per week had monthly salaries over 6,000 ringgits (S$1,900).

The high number of dates indicates that these high earners find themselves in a romantic situation almost every day. Respondents who date on average three times per week had monthly salaries surpassing 4,000 ringgits.

As for respondents who dated only once a week, their monthly salaries averaged 2,000 ringgits.

The results show a direct correlation between the number of dates per week and the monthly salary. It suggests that increasing the number of dates that one engages in per week helps single men and women get acquainted with a higher number of single members of the opposite sex and increase their monthly salaries.

The survey also found that 70 per cent of respondents would like to find themselves romantically engaged on Valentine's Day, indicating that people claiming to be single would still like to have a date for that most important evening.

Malaysian men are less likely than women to find themselves solo on that day. Up to 80 per cent of Malaysian men seek dating candidates via a matchmaking app on the day, while 50 per cent of Malaysian women said spending the day on their own is no big deal.

As for who pays the expenses, up to 90 per cent of women said men should be the ones to pony up. Malaysian men agreed that a man should always be the one who foots the bill.