Malaysian student rescued after spending freezing night on New Zealand mountain

PETALING JAYA - A Malaysian student in New Zealand, Nadia Rosli, was rescued on Sunday morning after spending a night on the side of Mount Ngauruhoe after she became separated from her hiking group and ended up on the wrong side of the mountain.

According to, Nadia, 19, went hiking with friends on Saturday but walked faster and eventually joined another group of hikers ahead of her to finish the hike earlier.

She became separated from new group of hikers and arrived at the summit of Mount Ngauruhoe alone.

As there was no one in the area, she decided to turn back but one of her feet got stuck in the snow and she slid 50m down the side of the mountain.

She managed to call police at about 5pm, but her phone's battery was nearly depleted and she had turned it off before they could locate her.

A Greenlea rescue helicopter was deployed and five search volunteers spent the night looking for Nadia.

Temperatures in the area can drop to as low as 1°C, and she was only wearing a cotton hoody, two T-shirts and yoga pants, said.

The next morning, at around 8:30am, Nadia spotted the rescue helicopter and was able to use the remaining battery power in her phone to call the police again.

She was located and picked up soon after, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Nadia suffered a sprained ankle from the accident. Her family flew from Malaysia to New Zealand as soon as they heard she was missing.