Malaysian teenager eloped to Lombok with Indonesian man

KUANTAN: A 14-year-old girl eloped to Lombok with an Indonesian man named Deddy but six months later, it was Mummy whom she wanted.

"I have known Deddy for a year and thought he was taking me to travel so I went away with him.

"When I was there, I kept pestering him not to go to work and spend time with me."

"One day, he got angry and hit me in the face," said the girl yesterday.

She said she was initially happy to run off with Deddy, 26, on Sept 9 last year but got scared after he started hitting her.

She was also taken aback that Deddy intended to marry her once she turned 16.

On March 1, she managed to contact her mother, who sought assistance from Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang.

Indonesian police tracked the girl to east Lombok and took custody of her on March 20, before placing her under child protection services in Mataram, Indonesia.

The teenager was finally reunited with her mother on March 24.

Sim said it was believed that Deddy, who was from the Sasak tribe, thought it was legal to marry the girl through a practice called "abduction for marriage".

Sim said Deddy was being held by the Indonesian Immigration Department for bringing the girl into the country without valid documents.