Malaysian thieves target parked vehicles of those who work in Singapore

PHOTO: Pixabay

ISKANDAR PUTERI, Malaysia - Vehicle theft syndicates are eyeing cars and motorcycles parked by those working in Singapore.

The syndicate members usually monitor the daily movements of potential victims and strike at an opportune time.

The stolen vehicles are immediately cannibalised for their parts which can fetch good prices.

Police uncovered these activities when they busted three car theft syndicates, resulting in the arrest of 17 people in a special operation dubbed Ops Lejang Khas around Iskandar Puteri.

The two-month operation, which started in August, has so far recovered 12 stolen vehicles, including six cars, five motorcycles and a van.

Out of the 17 individuals arrested, 13 of them belong to active crime syndicates involved in vehicle theft, home break-ins and theft of electric cables. Some syndicate members are still at large.

The other four individuals were arrested for motorcycle theft individually during the operation and were not related to any syndicate.