Malaysian vigilantes bash bound thief and leave him wailing

MALAYSIA - In a recent video shared on Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign's Facebook page, a man was caught, tied up and beaten by the vigilant public when he attempted to break into a car which was parked in Klang.

In the video, the suspect is shown lying on the ground with his limbs bound, surrounded by a large crowd.

A few men yell vulgarities while they repeatedly kick at the sobbing man. One of them even crouches down to rain punches on his head.

Several other passers-by try to stop the furious men from beating the suspect by pulling them away. A woman also tells the men not to hit at the areas where he can be badly hurt.

After a police officer arrives, the suspect's legs are untied and he is led away for investigations.

Some netizens who watched the video have raised questions about the public taking justice into their own hands and whether violence is perpetuated when they use excessive force to apprehend criminals.