Malaysian woman, 22, survives point-blank shooting in car

Malaysian woman, 22, survives point-blank shooting in car

MALAYSIA - A 22-year-old woman survived after gunmen on two motorcycles fired five shots at her car.

The shooting occurred on Friday evening, while she was at a traffic light junction near Kota Baru in Kelantan, not far from a police station, Malaysia's Star reported.

The shots smashed the car windscreen and pieces of glass cut her right cheek, nose, right arm and hands.

Ms Nurul Atikah Idris managed to get out of the car, with blood on her face and hands.

Passers-by took her to a police station. She was then taken to the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital where her condition was reported to be stable. Police said she could have been a victim of mistaken identity.

The shots had been fired point-blank, at about 6.40pm.

A witness, Mr Wan Mat Zain Wan Omar, 64, said that he and a friend, who were about 50m away, had heard the shots but thought it was children playing with firecrackers.

"I realised they were gunshots when I saw people rushing to the car and crowding around it," he said.

Initial investigations revealed that four men were involved and two had fired the shots, said state deputy police chief Mazlan Lazim.

He added: "There is a possibility that the assailants shot at the wrong target.

"The victim sustained light injuries after the assailants shot at the car's windscreen."

Police are searching for the four suspects.

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