Malaysian YouTuber's disapproving stance on the LGBT community ruffles feathers

Malaysian YouTuber's disapproving stance on the LGBT community ruffles feathers
PHOTO: Instagram / ezzat.eddy

No one asked, but yet, Malaysian YouTuber Ezzat Eddy felt the need to speak.

In his Instagram video posted on Wednesday (March 13), he shared that he doesn't "support or accept (the) LGBT (community) at all".

Ezzat prefaced his revelation by stating that he knew that he was going to "receive a lot of hate". However, he felt compelled to make the video because he "may have some friends (who are) strugging with this".

In response to a video of an LGBT group in Kuala Lumpur protesting during International Women's Day, Ezzat exclaimed: "My initial reaction to that video was, 'What the f*** is going on, Malaysia?'"

He proceeded to throw in his two-cents' worth and advised people who were "struggling with gender identity" to "seek help as soon as possible".

He also kindly reminded members of the LGBT community that there is "always hope" and reiterated that his video isn't a "hate message" and neither does he "hate anyone in the LGBT community".

Ezzat ends off the video by explaining that why he has this opinion is not because he considers himself a saint or a religious teacher but because it's clear that the Quran and their Prophet Muhammad doesn't condone it.

His disapproving thoughts drew the ire of commentators who took offence at what they perceived to be a hate-filled narrative and his classification of homosexuality as an illness - an inference drawn from his advice to "seek help".

Photo: Instagram / ezzat.eddy

Instagram user stothecity wrote: "I seriously thought that this video was spreading awareness on LGBTQ but f*** it, you are spreading hate when clearly, in our religion, spreading hate is a sin.

"You are encouraging an oppression on a community that does no f***ing wrong to you... If you want to make your opinion, be sure to make yourself knowledgeable on (the) topic before making this s*** video and spreading hate."

Another user, b.umarr, accused him of having double standards and remarked: "So if you see a Muslim person drinking, clubbing, doing drugs, and having relationships before marriage, you also give your opinion okay?"

A few users have also alleged that Ezzat has deleted dissenting comments despite his post stating that the "comment section will remain open for (everyone) to discuss".

Conversely, his provocative opinion also saw supporters.

Photo: Instagram / ezzat.eddy
Photo: Instagram / ezzat.eddy
Seems like solid advice.Photo: Instagram / ezzat.eddy

Well, the perennial fact is that the intersection of LGBT rights and religion will always be a tricky situation filled with subjective land mines. However, one truth is quite apparent from this furore.

If you wish to comment on any social issues, the internet would like you to get your facts right.

After all, gender identity should not be conflated with sexual orientation and homosexuality isn't classified as an illness.


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