Malaysians enraged after dead otters hung up on display

PHOTO: Twitter/999 Malaysia

PETALING JAYA - A Twitter post on pictures of dead otters hung up on display, which went viral on social media, has angered Malaysians.

The post by "999 Malaysia" displayed four photos of two dead otters and their carcasses covered by a large swarm of flies.

It was shared on Friday (March 1) and has gained over 6,300 retweets and more than 2,400 likes.

The post read, "This is the mentality of some people. Otters may be pests to fish breeders, but is it really necessary to kill them like this?"

"Not only did they kill the animals, they also hung them as if they are very despicable," it said.

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However, it was not confirmed if a fish breeder was responsible for the otters' deaths.

In a follow-up tweet by "999 Malaysia", it was claimed that the location of the dead otters was in Penang.

The tweet reads, "The carcasses were left like that for some time and had attracted a large swarm of flies within the area."

"The location is in Simpang Ampat, Penang," it added.

Many Malaysians were enraged by the incident.

A tweet by @amirulamri202 said, "This is animal abuse. A big sin."

Another tweet reads, "These people are abusing animals. It's very cruel."

The photos also went viral on a Facebook post.