Malaysia's 4D outlets reject bets on numbers associated with MH17

GEORGE TOWN - Four-digit punters planning to cash in on the numbers 1717 and 777 associated with the MH17 tragedy were disappointed when their bets were not accepted.

Checks with local Da Ma Cai, Toto and Magnum outlets showed that the "hot" numbers had been rejected since Friday.

A worker at a Magnum outlet here said at first she did not know why the numbers were barred.

It was only later that she realised July 17 was the date the plane was shot down in Ukraine, that the flight number was MH17 and that it was a Boeing 777.

"We are not the only ones rejecting the numbers. Other outlets are also turning punters away," she explained.

Even the illegal four-digit syndicates were not accepting bets on these numbers.

One of them said they had closed the bets on these numbers early.

"Demand for the numbers was so high that we had to reject more bets. A small quota was set aside so there were a few who managed to place bets on the numbers.

"Any digit (zero to nine) placed in front or behind the number 777 was also not accepted. This was the instruction from my boss," said one syndicate member.