Man attacks wife and father-in-law

An enraged husband hit his wife and father-in-law with a motorcycle chain after they reprimanded him for not performing his solat, reported Harian Metro.

The 29-year-old man slapped his wife last Saturday for telling her father about him as he felt that their marital problems should only remain between them.

According to the police, the man did not know that his father-in-law had come over to visit them at their home in Kuala Lumpur.

"When the father saw the attack, he tried to shield her and calm the suspect down. However, his actions further infuriated the man, causing him to be beaten up as well," said a police source.

The suspect got aggressive and reached for a motorcycle chain before striking it at his 20-year-old wife and father-in-law.

"He stopped when neighbours came to intervene upon hearing a commotion," said the police source.

The wife lodged a police report before taking her father to hospital where both received several stitches to the head.