Man attacks wife over flirtatious text messages

MALAYSIA - A man in Kajang attacked his 35-year-old wife after discovering that a man from China addressed her as "wife" in text messages, China Press reported.

The daily reported that the businessman, known only as Huang, said he could tolerate many things about his wife but not when it comes to flirting with another man.

Huang, who suspected his wife of having affairs, claimed that she had exchanged messages with several men, including the Chinese man as well as another man from Johor.

The woman, who married Huang six years ago, denied the allegations but he did not believe her.

The woman claimed that he did not support the family and merely paid her RM25 (S$10) daily to look after their children, aged four and five.

The woman also denied meeting the men she was exchanging messages with.

She claimed Huang had attacked her five times this year and that the latest incident last Thursday left her with injuries on her face, head and right hand.

She was admitted to a hospital for two days. She has lodged a police report and wants a divorce.

Huang, however, said he still loved his wife and hoped she would go for counselling with him.