Man caught hitting dog repeatedly with helmet in a video

PHOTO: Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR - Video footage of a guard dog being viciously attacked by a man is making its rounds on social media, enraging animal lovers.

The man, said to be a Singaporean, even used a helmet to hit the dog repeatedly in the incident, which supposedly occurred at the entrance of a housing estate in Puchong on Sunday night.

In the two-minute 43-second footage, the man is on a bicycle with a basket carrying his own pet dog.

He stops when the guard dog breaks free of its leash at the guardhouse and barks at him.

The man falls off his bicycle, even though the guard dog does not attack him.

At this point, the man looks enraged and runs up to the guardhouse and catches the dog before proceeding to slap it with his hand.

He then places the guard dog on a table and punches it repeatedly.

A female security guard tries to intervene, but he lashes out at her.

Another man approaches the guardhouse, but the dog attacker is seen pointing his finger threateningly at him.

He then takes a helmet and strikes the dog several times while holding it by its collar. He also seems to strangle the dog at several points.

After a while, he throws the dog behind the guard post. At this point, what he is doing to the dog is not clearly visible but it is believed that he continues abusing it.

He then picks up his bicycle and leaves soon after.

The video was posted on Facebook by Canine welfare organisation Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) on Thursday (April 6) afternoon.

The video was widely shared, with Facebook users slamming the man.

MDDB rescue coordinator Irene Low said she hopes that the Veterinary Department will ensure the man is duly dealt with.

"We cannot allow such cruel treatment of dogs to happen. There are just far too many such cases happening here," said Ms Low.

A police report on the incident was made on Thursday. According to Ms Low, the department took the dog with them.

"The dog has some internal injuries, but it can wag its tail and eat," she said.

Man kicks, punches dog in Loyang Green home

  • Mr Chiam, a dog rescuer and boarder, shot to notoriety after video clips of him mistreating a husky went viral on Monday May 23, 2016.
  • That night, he apologised for his actions. On Wednesday evening, he repeated the apology as he spoke to The New Paper from his home - a rented terrace house that now houses seven dogs, three of which are his.
  • When The New Paper visited the Chiams' residence, they saw that the dogs were allowed to walk around freely. One of the fridges in the kitchen was packed with frozen salmon fillet and tuna for the dogs.
  • "I admit I made a mistake. And I'm ready to face the music," he said.
  • Mrs Chiam added: "We are not saints. Everyone makes mistakes."
  • Two videos showing a man hitting, kicking as well as dragging and lifting a dog by its neck on a leash have sparked outrage online.
  • The incident is believed to have occurred at a terrace house in Loyang Green this morning (May 23).
  • Facebook user Maimunah Mohadi uploaded two videos of the incident at about 9.30am.
  • The videos shows the man talking down to a Husky and forcefully dragging it around by its leash numerous times, in the presence of two other dogs.
  • He also punches the dog in the face once and kicks it twice in the 40 seconds of video recording.

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