Man caught in hotel with condoms, women's underwear and more

KUALA LUMPUR - An unemployed man who was caught in a hotel room with no good explanation was dragged to court under the obscure Minor Offences Act.

Faisal Mohamed, 33, pleaded guilty to failure to provide a reasonable explanation for his behaviour - being in a woman's hotel room with four bottles of mouthwash, bras and panties, condoms and lotion.

The statement of facts said that hotel attendants, responding to a possible room intrusion, found Faisal in a room registered to a woman.

The fact sheet added that three of the bottles of mouthwash had been used while the condoms were not.

When asked why he was there, Faisal claimed he was looking for massage services on the ninth storey of the hotel.

He said he found the peculiar set of items outside a room on the floor, and went to the 11th floor, knocking on each door to find the right room.

When he found an unlocked room, he entered, but was caught shortly after by hotel staff.

Asked if the statement of facts was correct, Faisal sheepishly cleared his throat and nodded.

The offence under Section 29 of the Minor Offences Act 1955 occurred at the Pearl Point Hotel, Jalan Klang Lama, here, at around 6.30am on Sunday.

The unrepresented man pleaded to be given a chance, saying he had just landed a job in Shah Alam.

DPP Najwa Bistamam urged the court to mete out an exemplary sentence.

Magistrate Erry Shahriman Nor Aripin fined Faisal RM800 (S$266).