Man dies after winning lottery

MALACCA, Malaysia - A 62-year-old noodle stall helper at a hawker centre in Bukit Cina, Malacca, collapsed and died shortly after realising he had won the second prize in a lottery, reported China Press.

The daily said the man, known only as Yong, was on his break and was checking the draw result in the newspaper when he came across his good luck at about 6am on Thurs-day.

A patron who last spoke to Yong recalled that Yong showed him the ticket before picking up the newspaper to check.

Yong was said to have happily told him that he got second prize for the combination of 1234, adding that he initially wanted to bet for RM4 but later reduced it to RM1.

Yong was elated over his win and was heard exclaiming "Wow!" excitedly before he collapsed on the floor, much to the shock of the patrons nearby.

His employer, known only as Wong, immediately called an ambulance and tried to revive him.

However, paramedics later confirmed that he was dead.