Man donates skin to save daughter-in-law

Malaysia Nanban reported about a father-in-law in Ahmedabad who donated large portions of skin from his thighs so that his eldest daughter-in-law could survive the burns she had sustained while cooking.

It was reported that Monica Rathod, from Himmatnagar, was cooking lunch in May when the stove ran out of kerosene.

Eager to finish off her cooking, Monica poured kerosene into the hot stove, which burst into flames and engulfed her. She sustained 64 per cent burns on her body.

Plastic surgeons told the family that donor skin grafts would be needed to save Monica's life.

Monica, who is now recuperating well and has been declared to be out of danger, said she was lucky to have a loving father-in-law who gave his skin to save her life.

Father-in-law Himmatsinh Rathod, who is a farmer, said he did it because she is considered a daughter of the family as his family has three sons and no daughters.