Man dozes off as women fight over him

A HUSBAND, believed to be drunk, stayed in his car as two women fought over him by the road, major Chinese dailies reported of the incident in Bukit Mertajam.

Both women ended up with gashes and bruises around the eyes, arms, hands and legs in the 3am incident at Jalan Kulim on Jan 6, China Press reported.

Housewife Yu Li Zhen, 41, said she received more than 20 stitches after grappling with the other woman, who had allegedly tried to stop Yu from taking her husband home.

She said she drove around town in the early morning to look for her husband and spotted him driving a car, with the woman, who is allegedly his mistress, by his side.

She blocked the car and asked her husband to get back home but, Yu claimed, she was attacked by the other woman, known only as Hu.

A struggle ensued between the two while the man, apparently too drunk to care, reportedly dozed off in his car seat and did not lift a finger to offer any assistance to either women.

Yu called her three teenage children for help and was sent to the district hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Hu, a single mother to a 15-year-old child, denied she was his mistress.

She said that they were relatives and he was also her business partner.