Man drinks chemical in police raid

Caught by surprise during a police raid, a man, believed to be a drug maker, gulped down the chemical he had with him.

It took place at a shop in George Town, Penang, on Sunday morning.

The man, who is in his 30s, was caught along with two others on the premises during the 2am raid, reported Malaysia's The Star.

It is learnt that the man had grabbed a bottle containing the chemical and started to drink from it before the officers managed to stop him.

The man was detained on the premises while police searched the place.

Police personnel then forced him to drink plenty of water before sending him to Penang Hospital at about 3.30pm.


The other two suspects were taken to a police station at 5.50pm for questioning.

A police forensics team was called in to collect evidence, while officers were seen carting away electrical appliances like an oven, toaster and rice cooker, as well as paper bags and bottles of liquid believed to be raw material for producing drugs.

It is learnt that the trio were caught red-handed when police moved in unnoticed despite two CCTV cameras mounted near the entrance of a staircase.

It is unknown what was seized or the amount of drugs found.

An owner of a neighbouring shop said the people in the shop were "very secretive" and he did not know what business they were running, adding that one of them drove a luxury car.

A team from the fire and rescue department was brought in to crack open a steel vault believed to contain processed drugs.

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