Man gets jail for stealing Panadol

KUALA LUMPUR - An unemployed man ended up with a bigger headache after he was jailed six months for stealing three boxes of Pana-dol.

Magistrate Azura Murah sentenced Amran Anuar, 37, after he pleaded guilty to stealing three boxes of Panadol worth RM116.70 from a grocery store.

Amran stole the medicine from Pasaraya Haniffa on Jalan Masjid India at 5pm on Dec 20.

According to the statement of facts, he had attempted to sneak out of the store but was caught after he triggered the anti-theft alarm.

Although he tried to escape, several members of the public caught and handed him over to the security.

Earlier, Amran, who was unrepresented, asked not to be sent to jail, saying that he was suffering from asthma.

However, deputy public prosecutor S. Ravindren urged the court to hand down a heavy sentence, pointing out that the accused had several prior convictions for theft.