Man, it really pays to be a nice guy

Model, actor and MMA fighter Peter Davis.

MALAYSIA - Malaysian model and actor Peter Davis is well known as a successful mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

The 32-year-old has been chosen as one of the advisers of Maxman.TV, Malaysia's new digital- entertainment platform for men.

Davis speaks about juggling a career in MMA and in acting and modelling.

Do you think being an MMA fighter got you noticed by the television programme?

It might have, but having modelled and acted, that means I am able to focus on a market that's looking to advertise. It's not so far off. But having MMA obviously has allowed me to get that position.

You're trained in a freestyle fighting discipline call wuji chuan. What exactly is it?

It's like premix three-in-one coffee, if you like. It's got striking, ground game, throws. It can be seen as a form of MMA.

When we strike, it's not so tight, but more open, like boxing. In Malaysia we're also mixing in other things.

Is MMA more popular now?

I've always tried to mention that I do martial arts, and people usually go, 'Oh, muay thai!'

I tell them no, not muay thai but MMA. And they go, 'What's MMA?'

In the last two years, that's completely changed. That's fantastic. I don't need to give an explanation anymore.

Now, even the make-up artist asks me, 'When's your next fight?' There's been fantastic growth in MMA in the last two years.

What does it take to be a gentleman these days?

You can't just do one thing anymore.

You can't just be a man drinking beer, relaxing on the sofa and scratching yourself. That doesn't work anymore. You've got to be in the 21st century, have a broader view and be accepted across a broader range of society.

I think to be a man nowadays, it just pays to be a really nice guy, to have self-confidence, and to not dress too shabbily all the time.