Man jailed 10 years for beating grandma to death

IPOH - A 31-year-old man who beat his grandmother to death with a frying pan was slapped with a 10-year jail term.

Mohammad Khairul Anuar Najhib was said to be under depression when he committed the crime in 2013, as he had to deal with the divorce process from his wife then.

The former immigration officer ran amok and used a frying pan to repeatedly hit his grandmother Norsiah Marshidi, kicking her in the abdomen while also beating up his relatives at her home in Gunung Rapat at about 5.30pm on Oct 25, 2013.He was sentenced to jail by Ipoh High Court judge Judicial Commissioner Noorin Badaruddin yesterday.

In her judgment, JC Noorin said Mohammad Khairul Anuar had committed a cruel act and depression was not an excuse to act as he did.

"Being an immigration officer and as an educated person, you should have been rational.

"You should have handled your personal matter wisely and not lose all thoughts that have caused the life of one person who loved you very much," she told Mohammad Khairul Anuar.

"The jail term should act as an deterrent punishment, allowing you to undergo rehabilitation and to think back of your actions to be truly repentant," she said.

According to the facts presented in court, Mohammad Khairul Anuar was said to have behaved normally, talking to his grandmother, his aunt Hiravati Hodri and his niece before suddenly going berserk and attacking them. Norsiah, 79, died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Mohammad Khairul Anuar pleaded guilty to committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which carries a maximum jail term of 30 years.

In mitigating for a lenient sentence, counsel Ranjit Singh Sandhu said Mohammad Khairul Anuar has been seeking psychiatric help and was under medication since 2012.

"I understood that he had taken a lot of pills that day.

"The accused had no intention to cause the death of his grandmother. He was the deceased's beloved grandchild. The act was not pre-planned or pre-arranged," he said.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Harris Ong Mohd Jeffery Ong prosecuted.