Man receives "afterworld messages" from brother

MALAYSIA - Sin Chew Daily reported that a man, who had died 44 years ago, had been sending "messages" to his brother in Seremban from time to time, requesting him to hold an afterworld wedding ceremony. His wish was finally granted. In his "message", Li Wei Hong said he wanted to marry a woman whom he had met in the afterworld.

Li had started sending the "messages" to his brother when the latter sought advice from a temple medium after encountering obstacles in his life several years ago.

The wedding ceremony had been delayed many times as Li's brother could not afford the money to hold the ceremony.

The cheapest costs a few thousand ringgit.

This year, Li sent a "message" to his brother again and the latter decided to fulfil his dream by holding the ceremony in Seremban recently.

Guests were not allowed to take photographs as the "couple" wanted the wedding to be "low profile".