Man shot for attacking cops dies during surgery

ALOR GAJAH - Police shot a 39-year-old man who is alleged to have run amok and attempted to injure policemen with two knives in Machap Umboo here on Friday night.

The victim, Loh Kim Hionh was shot in the abdomen and succumbed to his injuries while undergoing surgery to remove the bullet at Hospital Melaka about 12.40am.

In the incident, Loh was said to have lost control and had gone after his 41-year-old neighbour for allegedly peeping at his wife taking her bath recently.

Loh was believed to have gone to the neighbour's house armed with the two knives and knocked on his door about 3pm.

Alor Gajah district police chief Superintendent Mohamad Laham said the neighbour, fearing for his life, alerted the police.

"Loh is believed to have locked himself at his house when the police arrived.

"The two officers sought the help of Loh's wife, who had just returned home.

"Loh was adamant and did not want to come out of the house despite being persuaded by his wife, who then left."

Mohamad said Loh's wife went to her family home nearby while police kept watch at his home.

"At 9pm, Loh left the house on a motorcycle, waving a knife at the people gathered there and at the policemen.

"The policemen gave chase and upon realising he was being pursued, Loh turned into a road heading for an oil palm estate and hid.

"The policemen called his name, asking him to surrender.

At 9.30pm, Loh came out of hiding, ran towards the policemen, armed with a knife in each hand.

"The policemen opened fire in self-defence as Loh was aggressive.

"Loh fell after a single shot hit his abdomen and he was rushed to hospital."