Man 'spits' on durians....or casting a spell to improve sales?

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA - Did he spit on the durians or was he blowing away dust from the fruit that he was wrapping? Maybe he was "casting a spell" to improve his sales.

The video of a durian seller allegedly "spitting" on the fruit has sparked outrage and debate amongst social media users.

When asked on The Star Online's Facebook page whether the man was spitting on the fruit or blowing dust off them, Facebook commenters were split.

Noonsod Rawaulam said the man was spitting "maybe to improve his sales."

"I don't think he did it out of spite or anger, maybe he was reciting mantra to improve his sale and be popular. At least now he is popular," he said.

"I think it's the latter. There is no reason why he has to spit on the durian he is selling," said Omar Idris, adding "The problem is we always tend to look at the negatives before even finding the truth."

Others, such as Selvin Thor, called on authorities to punish the man for selling "unhygienic durians".

For Joanne Tan penalties should be imposed on the man and his employer. "This type of malice should not be taken lightly," said Tan.

Regardless of whether the man was spitting or blowing away dust, the general consensus among netizens was that it was unhygienic and they would not be buying any packaged durians from that stall.

"Buy the durian and open it in your house to have peace of mind when consuming it!" said Nancy Tang.

Police have said that they will be calling the stall worker to take his statement.