Man who trapped kitten in container shows proof of its safety

SINGAPORE - One of the men who sparked outrage after trapping a kitten in a plastic container has posted photos of the feline to prove that it is unharmed.

In an earlier report, two men from Johor Bahru had posed for a photo with the stranded cat as a "joke". One of them, known as Ai Knowl, later came forward to apologise for his crime.

He added that he would post pictures to show that the cat is still alive.

On Sep 27, last Friday, Ai Knowl uploaded photos of the kitten on facebook. He wrote:

"Greetings to all Malaysians who show much care towards animals... I promised yesterday that I would upload videos and pictures of my cat. I am now fulfilling that promise.

"This is for all who doubt the condition of my cat... I have uploaded pictures and videos of the cat here. Thank you."

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