Marijuana easily available at local universities

PETALING JAYA - Marijuana dealers based in several colleges and universities are taking the term "higher education" to a whole new level.

They have created a peer-to-peer distribution system that is making the substance shockingly accessible to students.

The Star's team discovered this when reporters from the R.AGE section posed as students at several campuses in the Klang Valley.

They were able to get in touch with a 20-year-old marijuana dealer.

"I get my stock from a supplier outside of my campus and I basically help others buy it for them," said the dealer, a business degree student who supplies marijuana to colleges and universities around the Klang Valley at a starting price of RM50 (S$19)

Another student, who said he regularly smoked marijuana in his university's carpark, claimed most major colleges and universities in Malaysia had at least one such dealer.