Marina Mahathir's gesture of kindness applauded


PETALING JAYA - An act of charity by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir in return for a gesture of kindness earned her overwhelming approval and praise from netizens.

Posting on her Facebook page, the prominent social activist said that while having lunch at a restaurant on Friday, someone had decided to pay for her meal anonymously.

"Whoever it was, if you're reading this, thank you very much for this little kindness," said Marina.

However she added that there were a lot of hungry people who were more deserving of the gesture and in honour of the kind act, she had decided to donate some money to an organisation that helps to feed the hungry called Food Aid Foundation.

"Your generosity yesterday will now help a few more people. Thank you again," she said.

Marina shared a picture of a bill from breakfast and brunch restaurant Nutmeg in Bangsar Village II for a serving of 'roasted pumpkin salad' and 'warm water' totalling RM25.30 (S$8.60).

Marina also posted the acknowledgement of her bank transfer to the Food Aid Foundation for a sum of RM253.00.

Facebook users had responded to the post with overwhelming approval, posting positive messages and comments about Marina's act.

Sean Wee said that he was grateful for the message that she had posted and was now inspired to do his part.

Meanwhile Sally Pollard thanked Marina for "paying it forward" and for being aware of the needs of others.

"One good deed which generated a ten-fold response. Kudos to both," said Shariffuddin Abdul Latiff.

Marina's post has received over seven thousand likes and more than 260 shares since it was posted on Saturday.

Marina, who has been writing in The Star since 1991, also took the opportunity to wish all Malaysians a happy Chinese New Year.

"May the Year of the Monkey be a happy and lively one for you and yours!!" she said.

A little story: yesterday someone decided to pay for my lunch anonymously. Whoever it was, if you're reading this, thank...

Posted by Marina Mahathir on Friday, 5 February 2016