MAS fleet captain and staff share thoughts on YouTube

People walk past a billboard in support of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has interviewed its staff about their missing colleagues and the missing passengers from flight MH370 and posted the videos on their website and on YouTube.

In a video posted on April 18, Captain Edward Lewis, the fleet captain for the Boeing 777 fleet, talked about his 31 years with the airline and his sense of achievement in doing his job well.

He mentioned the camaraderie between pilots and cabin crew and broke down when talking about the missing flight.

"In the current situation, what we have to do is stick to a sense of professionalism. We shouldn't be distracted," he said.

"(We need to) stay focused on our duties...I'm proud to see that our pilots have shown great resolve, able to stand strong, stay focused and carry on with the job...we are also feeling very sad."

He said there was "a tangible amount of grief" and added: "Our hope is that at some point, we can find the answers to what happened. Meanwhile, we carry on with our tasks, our job."

In another video, MAS chief stewardess Farisha Mohamed Shariff talked about the days after the incident.


She said: "I had a passenger who came on board just a day after the incident and dropped her bag to hug me...

"I also had another passenger from an Australian destination who gave us a card and I thought it should be shared with the others, and I read it over the PA, so other passengers heard it."

Ms Farisha said she had worked closely with all the crew on board MH370 and the tragedy had "brought the cabin crew closer".

"So, we need one another. We support one another. Most importantly, when we are away on our birthdays, on our anniversaries, they are always there with us," she said.

The videos are available on

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