MAS folk share moving messages

PETALING JAYA - If you have always wondered how Malaysia Airlines personnel are handling the crisis arising from the missing MH370, ponder no more and start by visiting the national carrier's website, where a series of touching videos have been released.

The introductory clip begins with a visibly shaken Capt Edward Lewis, fleet manager for the 777 fleet, trying to contain his emotions.

In another video, MAS chief stewardess Farisha Mohamed Shariff expressed her feelings for her colleagues and shared her experiences with those who were on board MH370.

"I had a passenger who came on board just a day after the incident and dropped her bag to hug me ... I also had another passenger from an Australian destination who gave us a card and I thought it should be shared with the others, and I read it over the PA, so other passengers heard it," she said.

Farisha said she had worked closely with all the crew on board MH370 and the tragedy had "brought the cabin crew closer".

"So, we need one another. We support one another. Most importantly, when we are away on our birthdays, on our anniversaries, they are always there with us," she said.

MAS special assistance team associate trainer Intan Darlina Muhammad, who worked for the company for more than 17 years, also shared her first-hand experience in support for the families of those on board flight MH370.

She recounted an experience from one of the caregivers and how common ground helped establish important bonds between him and MAS engineering and maintenance manager, Noor Azhar Abdul Halim, ably summed up the state of the airlines' maintenance culture.

"Safety and quality is always in our mind. In aircraft maintenance, its either 'go or no go'. There is no grey area and we do not make our own assumptions."