MAS plane lands safely after lightning strike

KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysia Airlines plane flying to Langkawi was struck by lightning, causing panic among its passengers.

Flight MH1348, however, landed safely at the Langkawi International Airport 10 minutes later.

A passenger on board the craft later described the incident as "traumatic".

Using the user name Haswendy, the passenger posted his comments and an image of the plane on his Instagram account.

"One of our flight's left engine had a light explosion that caused small sparks," he said, adding that several passengers were startled and cried.

"Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived with so many stories and experiences to tell," his posting read.

The plane took off from KL International Airport at 11.05am and arrived in Langkawi an hour later.

In an immediate statement, MAS said flight MH1348 experienced a lightning strike during its flight.

The airline said the craft landed normally at Langkawi.

"The aircraft was then immediately inspected and was subsequently released for service," it said, adding that the plane had since returned safely to KLIA and continued its series of scheduled services without any further problem.