MCA seeks to raise $34,600 for student burnt in Taipei water-park incident

Lin Shi Li is a third-year student of Taipei Medical University.

YONG PENG - Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) hopes to raise RM100,000 (S$34,571) for a pharmaceutical student who suffered second-degree burns during a freak explosion at a water park in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

The third-year student of Taipei Medical University, Lin Shi Li, 23, was one of the 500 party-goers who was injured when coloured powder attached on their skin combusted on June 27.

Her mother Choo Mee Mee, 48, said Shi Li suffered 54 per cent burns on her body from the incident.

"Shi Li has been positive since she was moved out of the intensive care unit and into the ladies' ward in the same hospital in Taipei.

"But doctors at the hospital say it will take more than three years of multiple treatment for a full recovery," she told reporters during a brief press conference here on Friday.

Yong Peng MCA division chief Ling Tian Soon said Shi Li needed donations to help with the expenses for her treatment, as her family was not wealthy.

"Her father is just a farmer and her mother works as an accounts clerk in Yong Peng, so paying for the three-year treatment to is going to be a burden on them.

"Looking at the unfortunate situation, we hope the public will lend a helping hand and contribute to our efforts in raising some RM100,000 by September," he said.

Meanwhile, MCA deputy president Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, who personally donated RM1,000 to the cause, also hoped that more people would come forward to help Shi Li.

"It was really unfortunate what had happened to the Shi Li and we hope that the donation drive can help alleviate the family's burden over the medical expenses in Taipei," he said.