MCA slams Kelantan government

PETALING JAYA: MCA has criticised the Kelantan government for saying that non-Muslim businessmen unhappy with the Kota Baru Municipal Council's (MPKB) ruling for all businesses to close during Friday prayers should deal directly with the council.

The party's Syariah Law and Policy Implementation Special Task Force deputy chairman Datuk Koo Chin Nam said it was unbecoming of Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah to say that.

"It shows that the pleas of the traders and retailers continue to fall on deaf ears," Koo said in a statement.

On Amar's reminder to the traders that their problems would not be solved if they complained to the media, Koo said that the businesses had no other way to highlight their predicament.

"Yet, despite so much negative publicity generated against the MPKB directive in the print, online and social media, the local council remains implacable by obsessively sticking with this ruling which clearly impinges on the rights of non-Muslims," he said.

Koo said it was neither proper nor correct to compel people from different races and religions to accept rulings which went against their rights.

"This blatantly reneges on Pakatan Rakyat's 2013 general election manifesto which was heavily touted with surface claims that PAS' administration would have no effect on (the rights of) non-Muslims," he argued.

Koo said the Kelantan government had also ignored a caution by traders that some may relocate to other states if MPKB remained adamant in enforcing the ruling.

"This clearly indicates that PAS has no plan at all to develop or bring progress to Kelantan," he added.