Mecca imam pleased with Malaysia's Islamic efforts

KUALA LUMPUR - A revered imam of Islam's sacred Masjidil Haram Mosque in Mecca has advised Muslims in Malaysia to support the Government's efforts to implement the teachings of Islam, regardless of their political affiliations.

Dr Khalid Ali Al-Ghamdi, imam of the world's largest mosque that surrounds the Ka'aba, said Muslims should unite in line with the commands of their faith.

He said Muslims should realise there were differences among them and no one was free from flaws.

"Muslims in Malaysia should unite if it is in the interest of Islam as the enemies of our faith are always trying to create a rift within the ummah," he said yesterday.

Dr Khalid, a guest of the Government, was asked to give his advice to all Muslims in Malaysia.

Asked about criticisms against the Government for allegedly not being serious about implementing hudud, Dr Khalid said the implementation must be done gradually.

He lauded calls at the Umno general assembly to define Islamic practices, through an amendment in the Federal constitution, as that which follow the Sunnah Wal Jamaah teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.