Mentally unstable man slices off own penis

MALAYSIA - A man, believed to be mentally unstable, sliced off his own penis and nearly lost his life during the incident in Ba'kelalan, Lawas.

Harian Metro reported that the man, who is in his 30s, chopped off about 1cm of his penis on Sunday.

It is believed that the man thought that he had no use of it.

According to a source, the victim was immediately rushed to a hospital in Lawas but was later flown to Miri Hospital due to the severe wounds.

The source also said that doctors could not re-attach his sexual organ as it had been left untreated for quite a long time after it was cut.

"Based on our investigation, the man has a case of mental disability but we did not expect him to chop off his own sexual organ," said the source.

A spokesman from Miri Hospital confirmed the case, saying that the victim was now being treated for the injuries.