MH17 crash: Our lives turned upside down in a day

Memories: Amarpal and Karamjit.

PETALING JAYA - In one day, our lives were turned upside down.

I last saw my father, Karamjit Singh, about seven weeks ago. On that day he and my mother, drove to Perak to see my younger brother, who is studying in Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

They then drove to Johor to see me. I am studying medicine at the clinical school in Monash University there.

We had dinner together. They stayed the night and left the next morning.

That was the last time I saw him, the last time I hugged him.

I am thankful that every time I spoke to him, I ended my conversations with "I love you dad".

Whenever he came to visit, he would try to give me money.

He would ask: "Son, do you have enough money?" I would always say I do, but he would still give me some money.

And when my mother was not looking, he would pass me more.

"Never mind son, just keep it so you don't have to go and withdraw money from an ATM."

He loved us very much, but he loved my mother the most.

She took the news very badly. But we meditated and prayed and now she is getting better.

My father, he was a workaholic. A loyal employee of ExxonMobil. We didn't see him very often. He would be away working for four to five weeks and then he would be back for a few weeks.

He was in the Safety, Health & Environment Department and since we were young, he would always teach us about safety.

"If there is a wire on the floor, you may trip and fall. If you don't cut your toenails, you might hit it against the wall and break the nail" ... these were the kind of things he would constantly remind us about.

He also taught us to be humble.

Humility and safety - that was my father.

My fondest memory of him was at school. He would be there waiting to pick me up after school, waving at me with a big smile on his face. He was a very tall man, standing at 180cm. It was always easy to spot him.

At home now, we are having prayers. It will go on until Tuesday - and it is helping us cope with this.

I will never be able to talk to him again. But I will always say this: "I love you dad."