MH17 crash: Take care of my dog

KLANG - Angeline Premila Rajandran's final message to her family was: "Look after my dog Lexi."

The 30-year-old air stewardess, who was one of those who perished in the MH17 tragedy, was an animal lover and her brother Murphy Govind, 29, described her as the pet's "mother".

Murphy said Angeline Premila sent the message minutes before boarding the ill-fated flight from Amsterdam.

He said their mother was still in shock and had locked herself in the bedroom.

"My mum is devastated as Angeline and the rest of us celebrated our mum's birthday only two weeks ago," he said at their home in Bukit Tinggi 2.

Murphy, who runs the family business with his father, said the family received a call at about 4am from Malaysia Airlines saying that MH17 had not landed.

"It did not make any sense because the flight was supposed to land only at 6am," he said, adding that the family was later told about what had really happened by a friend who also works for MAS.

Angeline Premila's close friends Annette Roman Vermani said they spoke to each other a few weeks ago and had planned to meet up.

"Now it will never happen," said Annette, who is a former flight attendant.

She said the last they met was in March when Annette took her newborn baby to meet her friend.

Annette said Angeline Premila was a good-natured, prim and proper person.

She also modelled for MAS, mainly for magazines, and was involved in events for the airlines, said Annette, adding that Angeline Premila was the only daughter and had two younger brothers.

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