MH370: The children move on

A board bearing solidarity messages is seen during a gathering to mark the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, in Kuala Lumpur on March 6, 2015.

For the two sons of MH370 passengers Chen Wei Hoing and his wife Tan Sioh Peng, only memories and an empty home remain of their time together as a family.

Eric, 16, and Alvin, 11, moved out of the house in Klang Utama belonging to their parents in December but left the items in their parents' room untouched, in the hope that they would return one day.

The boys now live with their aunt and grandmother in Alor Setar and attend school there.

Their granduncle, Michael Yeap, 61, said the move was partly to help the children cope.

Chen, 43, was a company director while Tan, 42, worked as a company secretary with another firm.

"Sioh Peng, who always wanted the best for her children, had enrolled Eric at an international school.

"Now, Eric studies in a government school in Kedah," said Yeap, a retired salesman.

He said he felt sad that the boys had to carry on with life without their parents.

"Right now, they have to depend on their aunt and grandmother to give them the love and comfort they need during this difficult time," he added.

Yeap said he was close to his nephew, Chen.

"He would come visit me every week and take me out to eat," he recalled.

Despite all odds, Yeap said his family still harboured hope of seeing Chen and Tan again.

"Why isn't there a shred of physical evidence of MH370?" he asked.