MH370: China students' alumni urges countrymen not to condemn Malaysia

MH370: China students' alumni urges countrymen not to condemn Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - The Malaysian Association of China Students Alumni has urged their countrymen not to let their grief over the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 tragedy lead them to condemn Malaysia.

Its president Adam Huang said it would not do any good to "attack" Malaysia with unnecessary criticisms as it would only strain relations between the two countries.

"We would ask them to express their emotion and sorrow in a rational way, instead of going to the streets to demonstrate," he said in Mandarin which was then translated into English by his assistant Zhang Miao.

Huang addressed a press conference here yesterday saying the association wanted to facilitate communication between the Malaysian Government and family members of the 153 passengers from China on board the plane.

It also offered its condolences to those affected and agreed that Malaysia could have done more to communicate with the families.

"We have the right to know the facts, but we are not entitled to provoke hatred towards Malaysia," said Huang.

On March 25, following the Malaysian Prime Minister's announcement that MH370 ended its flight in the southern Indian Ocean, some 200 family members staged a protest in front of the Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

Relatives clashed with Malaysian officials in briefings in Beijing, with some insulting the officials and accusing Malaysia of hiding the truth.

Malaysian singers such as Fish Leong, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong and Shila Amzah had been the subject of criticism on social media, with Chinese netizens calling for a ban on them and a boycott of "everything from Malaysia".

Association adviser and MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said the "attacks" by some quarters were unwarranted.

"Please understand that the families are under a lot of emotional stress, others should not take the opportunity to instigate matters and spoil relations between countries," he said.




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