MH370: Do not manipulate MH370 issues, Home Minister says

KUALA LUMPUR - Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi ticks off the Chinese print media for playing up unhealthy sentiments that has affected the families of the MH370 passengers in China. "Most of the Chinese dailies (not all) have raised the anger of the families of those involved in the tragedy.

"The minister-in-charge (Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein) is doing all he can to coordinate this issue. Please understand that it is a tragedy, and should be regarded as such.

"Do not manipulate the tragedy and use it to raise anger of the families," he said during the winding up session in Parliament today.

Zahid however did not specify whether he was referring to the China media or the local Chinese dailies.

Zahid also said that he would not condone such manipulations and warned that action would be taken especially when it concerns the national security of the country.

"No print, online or social media should manipulate security issues and do not blame me if action is taken (on them).

"Take me seriously when I say this because do not a record of flip-flopping," he said.