MH370: Family praying for a miracle

JERLUN, Malaysia - The fate of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 might has been pretty much sealed somewhere in the Indian Ocean but the family of a passenger, Chew Kar Mooi, 31, still refused to give up on hope that she would return home safely.

Her mother, Tan Duan Lay, 53, said she had dreams that Kar Mooi had returned to the house.

"I saw her in my dreams.. She is healthy and happy."

"She is still baby girl is still alive and she will come back home," she told reporters in between sobs at her house in Kerpan here today.

Kar Mooi's elder sister, Cher Kar Hui, 33, said they received a text message from MAS informing about the press conference by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at 9.42pm yesterday.

She said they were all devastated upon learning that the aircraft has ended in South Indian Ocean.

"There is no word that could describe our feeling now... But deep in our heart, we are still praying for a miracle," she said in tears.