MH370: Heartbreak, disbelief and hope for more answers

PETALING JAYA - Family, friends and acquaintances of people on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have expressed their heartbreak, disbelief and hope of getting more answers on the "why's" and "how's" surrounding the disappearance of the plane.

The son of Australian couple Rod and Mary Burrows said he was heartbroken that his parents' lives had been cut short.

Speaking to ABC News, Jayden Burrows described his parents as hardworking people who wanted to spend the rest of their lives travelling and with family and friends.

"They worked hard to reap the rewards of their retirement.

"We are heartbroken that their lives have been cut short," he said.

Canadian McGill University, where one of the MH370 passengers Muk­tesh Mukerjee had studied, also came up with a release on its website paying tribute to him.

In the release, the university shared brief details of the plane's disappearance and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's confirmation that the plane was lost, as well as information on Muktesh and his wife Xiaomo Bai.

"Muktesh Mukherjee lived in Beijing with his family.

Chinese relatives' anger erupts in Malaysia over lost plane

"At McGill, he majored in international business and finance, graduating with an MBA in 1998.

"McGill's flag will be lowered tomorrow, (yesterday), in memory of the victims of flight MH370," the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal India interviewed the neighbours of Vinod and Chetna Kolekar, who shared their grief over their deaths.

A neighbour, Babu La Agarwal, said they were saddened by the news, especially his daughter Latika as she "was like a sister to the Kolekar boy".

The report indicated that Latika even flew here with the Kolekar's eldest son Sanved to await the fate of the family.

"Our daughter is the most upset. She was supposed to come back to India on March 29, but after this news, we don't know her plans.

"My mind is completely out of order, I don't have the strength to think or understand anything," Babu was reported as saying.

In the United States, Daily News reported the girlfriend of Phillip Wood, Sarah Bajc, as saying that she refused to believe that Wood is dead until physical wreckage was found.

She said that there was "no closure" for her without the wreckage.

"I need closure to be certain but cannot keep on with public efforts against all odds.

"I still feel his presence, so perhaps it was his soul all along," Bajc said.