MH370: Kin to be flown to Perth if debris is found

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - Malaysia Airlines will fly affected family members to Perth only after any physical wreckage found is officially confirmed to be that of MH370.

MAS chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said arrangements would be made as soon as the relevant government agencies provide MAS the clearance to bring family members to the site where the aircraft wreckage would be kept.

"A Family Assistance Centre (FAC) will be established in Perth. The FAC will become the focal point for all activities that have been planned for the families including briefings, religious and prayer services," he said in a statement yesterday.

Ahmad Jauhari also reiterated the airline's commitment and support of efforts by the relevant foreign governments to continue searching for the aircraft.

In addition to its continued cooperation with all authorities involved in the investigation, the national carrier has also been providing support to the families concerned.