MH370: A letter from grieving wife of in-flight supervisor

A relative of a passenger aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 writes on a balloon at a remembrance event on the one year anniversary of its disappearance in Kuala Lumpur, March 8, 2015

As May draws near, the worry I have is that they are going to say: "That's it. We have done all we can. It's time to stop the search.

"It's expensive. It's been a year and the plane is buried deep in the Indian Ocean and we can't find it."

But it's there because all evidence (Immarsat) points to it.

Then Prime Minister Najib's words on March 25, 2014, runs through my head when he said that the Indian Ocean was the final resting place of all 239 on board MH370. Nightmare!

But thank you ministers for making the right decision in continuing the search.

Today's announcement that the search will continue at least puts a little of the worries and fears to rest for now.

It was said from the beginning that they were confident that they were searching in the right area with the highest probability.

How confident are they that it's going to be in the additional 60,000 sq km?

Is it going to be another year of waiting? Whatever it is and how ever long it takes, all on board MH370 need to return home. They are missed terribly.

We would like to thank all those who are out there in the Indian Ocean trying their very best to look for our loved ones and bring them home.

Lastly, to my husband Patrick, we have not given up. We love you, we miss you and want you home with us.

- Jacquita Gonzales is the wife of MH370 in-flight supervisor Patrick Francis Gomes.