MH370: Netizens taking it out on Fish Leong, Shila and everything Malaysian

MALACCA - Despite their popularity in China, Malaysian singers such as Fish Leong and Shila Amzah have been attacked on Chinese microblogging site Weibo following the disappearance of Flight MH370.

These netizens wanted them to be banned from performing in mainland China, calling for a boycott of "everything from Malay­sia".

They poured scorn on Leong, who is expecting her first child, after she posted a photograph of three candles, mourning for the passengers of the ill-fated plane.

Her posting immediately led to a barrage of negative comments and obscenities.

Some even cursed her unborn child.

One person wrote "what are you hiding there?"

Another netizen accused Malaysia of causing misery to other nationalities.

Other Malaysian artistes being targetted were Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Ah Niu, Victor Wong, Lee Sin-jie and Gary Chaw.

Shila and Chaw won rave reviews in China recently for their performance in the "I Am a Singer II" reality TV show.

Yet, they were not spared the fury with some netizens calling Chaw a "beast".

One posting said: "Both you and Shila are the enemies of our country now. Although you should not be held responsible, your country is ill-treating our countrymen. Don't you feel ashamed to stay on?"

A-list celebrities from China also did not spare Malaysia. Zhang Ziyi of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame put in her two cents worth, condemning the Malaysian Government for "not taking due responsibility to the international community and not respecting the universal quest for truth" in her Weibo posting.

However, there were other voices who defended the Malaysian celebrities, saying that the criticisms and anger were unreasonable.

They called for a rational judgement of the situation.

"Why bully a mother-to-be? Where has the ethics of Chinese gone to?" someone posted in reference to Fish Leong.

The netizens urged people to stop spreading hatred, saying that the focus now should be on finding the truth for the sake of loved ones of the passengers.