MH370: Retiree's hopes crushed

BANTING - Retiree G. Subramaniam is a broken man after hearing the announcement that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

His only son Puspanathan, a 34-year-old manager with Petronas, was aboard the plane on a working trip to Beijing.

"I held on to hope that the plane had landed somewhere and my son was alive.

"But I know the inevitable has happened and lost hope after the Prime Minister's announcement," Subramaniam said.

He said his wife A. Amirtham was inconso­lable. The couple, who live in Telok Panglima Garang, Banting, are both 60.

Subramaniam's daughter Thenmoli and Puspanathan's wife Sri Devi were both at KLIA waiting for further information.

Subramaniam said he would go to Australia with his family if his son's remains were found.

In Klang, 15-year-old Eric Chen was too traumatised to say anything.

His parents Chen Wei Hiong, 44, and Tan Sioh Peng, 43, were both on the flight on their way to Beijing for a holiday.

His friends from The international School where he studies were at his house in Jalan Kapar, and one of them said Eric was shattered.

Eric has a younger brother, Alvin, 11.

In Petaling Jaya, Nizam Rosli, whose wife Dina Mohamed Ramli was on flight MH370 with her mother Datin Biby Nazli Mohd Hassim, elder sister Maria and aunt Noorida Hashim, broke down when he heard the announcement.

"He took it very badly," said close friend Zulkarnaen Zaid.

"We advised him to be strong for the sake of Dinah's family who lost so many members in the tragedy."

Nizam and Zulkarnaen are bank officers and both are 31 years old.

Dinah was the daughter of former Celcom CEO Datuk Mohamed Ramli Abas.

She and Nizam celebrated their first wedding anniversary a few days before she ­boarded MH370.