MH370: We don't want money but we want proof, says bank worker's family

ALOR SETAR - The family of bank worker Chew Kar Mooi, who was on board Flight MH370, has rejected a US$50,000 (S$63,000) of­­fer of advanced compensation payment from insurance claims as they have not given up hope of her return.

Her sister Kar Hui, 33, said there was no point in accepting the payment as "nothing has been found yet".

"Money is not important at this moment. It is not our main concern," she said.

"We are still hoping for my sister and the others to return home safely.

"Before offering us any compensation, at least show us some evidence such as the whereabouts of the plane," Kar Hui said yesterday.

Kar Hui said her family also declined to apply for insurance payment although the General Insurance Association of Malaysia had agreed to simplify the claim process.

"What's important now is for the search and rescue operations to continue until the aircraft is found," she said. "We have not lost hope even though the plane has been missing for so long.

"We will continue to wait for good news. We believe the passengers are still alive and I pray for their safe return."

On June 12, Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin, who chairs the MH370 next-of-kin committee, said that the families of six MH370 passengers from Malay-sia and one from China received U$50,000 as advanced payment from insurance claims.

He said a final payment would be paid out after the search and rescue mission ended.

On March 8, the MAS Boeing 777-222ER aircraft carrying 239 passengers, including 12 crewmen, from 15 countries disappeared from the radar off the Vietnam coast at 1.30am. It took off at 12.41am from the KL International Airport and was headed for Beijing.